Sunday, April 24, 2011

Baby Gaga ice cream- A media scandal!

The business of Breast milk ice cream started in a store in London’s Covent Garden have caused media furore and many critiques from public around the world.

The owner Matt O’Connor is using as the product’s image a bizarre woman wearing a mask and two nipple cones, dressed in pink lycra resembling the pop star Lady Gaga. The woman is shown filling ice creams with a baby’s bottle in order to attract attention from the public.
Despite this might be seen by many as a comical way of attracting customer, the real problem comes when there are concerns related to health issues and also the credibility of the brand itself as they are not implementing any kind of communications plans showing responsibility to the community, they are just fighting to have a place in the market without thinking in the long term consequences.

Additionally, British officials confiscated the product to evaluate it due to the many health complaints they received but after a couple of days they authorized the product to be returned to the market confirming that it is safe for human consumption. On the top of that, the singer Lady Gaga has taken legal actions arguing that they are using her name to promote a ‘nausea-inducing’ ice cream and that they are attempting against her reputation and god-will. Although the product has been accepted by authorities, the brand is still receiving many criticisms and it is questioned to be a just visual attraction rather than a successful business based on ethical marketing.

In my opinion, this company will have to demonstrate much more than a bizarre and suggestive image if they really want to get the public trust and get rid of the bad comments and legal implications. As the product is related to health issues, more problems will continue to arise and they will have to find a way of positioning themselves as a reliable and responsible brand if they want to success in this business.

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  1. Th fact that Lady Gaga was worried about her reputation was hilarious...what reputation?, she has become a celebrity for being a Freak,..As for the Ice Cream maker, it was a great strategy to get buy in from customers, however the products is definitely not my cup of tea