Friday, April 22, 2011

'Time to change' campaign

Time to change is a Social Media campaign led by two well recognized mental health charities: Mind and Rethink.

It is inspiring to see how they have already achieved over 15.000 pledges thanks to the effective use they have been given to their Social Media sites, updating people with the latest news of their campaign on facebook, twitter and YouTube.

This website has plenty of videos with shocking testimonials such as the 'don't get me wrong video' and also has real stories of people with mental health problems, a blog, a forum and a section of news and media coverage. What is even more, due to their work they have gained a significant amount of people collaborating with them as a volunteers.

Thanks to the accessibility and their daily interaction on the web, both charities have gained many supporters and people believing in them through a very catchy, original and effective campaign.
Because there's always a time to change!

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