Monday, February 27, 2012

It is Facebook suitable just for B2C PR?

Social media sites have become such an important and common aspect of our lives that nowadays, is almost impossible to find a person that is not on Facebook. In the business arena the reality is not different, and companies more than ever are relaying on social sites such as Facebook to connect to their customers in order to maximise the value of the relationship.

While it is true that in its early stage many businesses started using Facebook merely to promote their products and services to their customers and potential clients, as businesses understood better the potential of this 750 million user’s site, they realised they could get much more out of it. Since then, there has been a shift in their strategies towards selling and promoting to other businesses (B2B) and nurturing the relations with them through this relatively new and increasingly efficient channel of communication.

There are many successful cases among the smart adopters of Facebook as a B2B marketing tool. Many companies have been using it to reward brand advocates, to promote testimonials, share videos and information, showcasing experts, generating leads and much more.
I am with the idea that in today’s over-connected world, companies need to take full advantage of the huge benefits social media can bring to organisations, mostly when it comes to develop long-lasting relationships, loyalty and value.

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