Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Choccy Philly? BE SILLY!

Last January, Kraft the company that not very long ago acquired British founded Cadburys, informed the public its plans of combining their two most popular products Cadbury’s chocolate and Kraft’s Philadelphia Light launching a chocolate spread nationwide in all UK supermarkets.

The idea of tackling consumer scepticism in a TV and YouTube ad endorsed by Jennifer Saundy on the combination of light Philadelphia and Cadbury milk chocolate was definitely a great and fun strategy to get people’s attention and create buzz on Social Media sites. Plus, inviting customers to test the new product and give their opinion is definitely a bold strategy to generate awareness and increasingly involve more people with this new invention.

In my opinion, the product was really well-received and the campaign itself managed to get people’s interests and attention driving them to try the product and commenting about it on their Facebook and Twitter pages. I also wonder whether this was also a Kraft’s strategy to start gaining further acceptance of the British public after the acquiring of one of the most respected British companies. In any case, it was a very well thought and executed campaign, well done Kraft!


  1. After seeing the advert with Jennifer Saunders in, it certainly drew my attention to the product and made me consider buying the product, why was she enjoying it so much?
    I'll admit I had some scepticism towards the Kraft takeover of Cadbury's, first and foremost because the original factory is a stone's throw form my childhood home! However, being a fan of Philadelphia and enjoying Cadbury's chocolate has made me curious about the taste of this product!
    I agree completely with trying to get the British public onside, I think there's potential for it to do very well, not least because of the celebrity endorsement!

  2. The advert with Jennifer Saunders certainly did grab my attention and raise my curiosity for this new product. My scepticism towards Krusts and Cadbury joining forces was soon forgotten after seeing this advert, leaving me with curiosity to taste this new product. I suppose that is what their strategy was meant to accomplish. Take an unthought of idea and make you want it. I have found in the last few week friends of mine posting pictures of them and the Choccy Philly and posting their thoughts on the product on their Facebook pages, also creating on social media sites. I would love to taste it, its a shame i am lactose intolerant.