Sunday, March 11, 2012

A never ending effective strategy to get messages across!/ KONY 2012

When it comes to emotional content, almost every human being has a reaction towards it. We all are extremely dependant on emotions and all PR campaigns should reflect that at some point.

You can have the best planned PR campaign ever but without including a touching message in it you are just losing money, efforts and valuable time. When it comes to campaigns It is very important that you choose the right channel to communicate with the right audience, however it is ultimately the message the point of connection between your campaign and your public, it is your message what will create the reaction and hopefully an action towards your cause.

To back up my thoughts I wanted to share a recent example that probably most of you must have already seen. Kony 2012, a half-hour documentary made by Invisible children that went viral in just hours of being released the last Wednesday 7th of March or 2012.

The video is based on Joseph Kony, a warlord in Uganda responsible for the enslavement of more than 30,000 children. It shows how children in Uganda are taken from their families to be forced to become sex-slaves and assassins in a way that catch people’s mind and hearts along the whole film.

Filmmaker and co-founder of non-for-profit Invisible Children, Jason Russel draws on his son, Gavin, and his young Ugandan friend, Jacob, to persuade people through emotions. He tells the story of Jacob asking him questions about his brother murder and promising him that he will stop Joseph Kony. His son, Gavin represents how innocent and at the same time how smart a little boy of that age can be. It is somehow manipulative, yes, but it touches peoples’ hearts.

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